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title: Ouroboros
author: [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: Overall: NC-17
pairing: BellDom
summary: Ever since Dominic moved to Oregon, he'd been alone. And he was okay without. It wasn't until a chance encounter with eclectic, eccentric Matt made him realize just how much he needed someone. But unknowingly falling hard and falling fast can lead to destruction, especially when Dominic realizes just how severe Matthew's insomnia is. 
feedback: I appreciates it, my precious.
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
warning: Wa-howw does this need some warning. There's sex and language (really, when is there not with me?) in this part. 
note: So it's been awhile.... Anyway, Ouroboros has been in my brain melon for a few months now and I'm so close to finishing it that I can taste it. But I'm exhausted and I'm messing my words up so I decided I'll just post half of it and finish the rest tomorrow. It's turned into a monster. It's at 10,000 words total, nearing 19 pages, and it's not even done. Damn my face. Anyway, I hope you like it!! Thanksies to [ profile] lalalive23 for being [ profile] lalalive23, and thank you to [ profile] aka_demon72 for looking over bits when she could. Also, this is probably full of mistakes because I haven't done a last edit and fixed shit but I genuinely don't care right now. I'll do it in the morning. 

“You have a bucket of lemons.” )

Untitled ii

Mar. 3rd, 2012 10:26 pm
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title: Untitled ii
author: [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: G
summary: "We are children of the universe. Dancing, we sway like dust in the flickering light of wandering stars, lost and trapped in dual tides."
feedback: I wants it, my precious. 
note: If you haven't noticed yet, I like stars and universe shit. It's short, like 171 words. Drabbles forever!

I will wait for you there till someone comes to carry me, carry me down. )

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Title: Infinity
Author:  [ profile] sunshine_173
Rating: G
Pairing: BellDom
Summary: Matt is a piano protégé. Dom is a painter who excels passed many his age. They meet at a young age and strike up an instant friendship. From friends to lovers, this is their story, spanning over a course of over two decades. 
Feedback: I'm a comment whore. Every time I read one, my heart goes *tingle*
Disclaimer: I don't own Muse, Matt or Dom. If I did, unspeakable acts would be committed. 
Warning: I feel so redundant with this. NOTHING HAPPENING. If there was, it would be considered child pornography, and that shit ain't kosher.
Note: I know. I. Know. It's been nearly 10 months. I don't know what to say, tbh. I've tried writing. Infinity, CC, anything. All I could really do was push out a few drabbles here and there but the block of writer's has never been has strong with this one has it was the last several months. I'm happy though. Excited that I finally figured out what the fuck to do with this chapter and I was so ecstatic when I finally was struck with inspiration, much like the last paragraph of this chapter, a few hours ago. This was the fastest I've ever written a chapter, and I feel like it bodes well for the rest of this weekend. Idk what I'll feel like writing, but I will write something, my dearies. Thank you so much for hanging around and I totally understand if you gave up on it. Big thanks to [ profile] lalalive23 for practically forcing my lazy arse to write this Wednesday night, which prompted me to have the desire to finish it tonight. Literally did all my homework that was supposed to be given to us Thursday and Friday two days early just so I'd have a free weekend of WRITING. Also, thanks to [ profile] sheerpoetryfor being my last minute beta. She wins all the awards <3 <3 Well, I don't know what more to say. soo..have fun and thank you!!!!

“Sit up straight; you look terribly depressed hunched over like that.” )
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Title: Crimson & Clover
Author: [ profile] sunshine_173  
Rating: R (finally)
Pairing: BellDom/Original characters
Summary: When Dominic, a young college student from NYC, visits his sister in a small town in Southern Italy, he comes across Matthew, an Italian born, English raised wine maker and connoisseur. After their brief encounter, Dominic finds himself taken by this enigmatic and seductive man. During the two months of summer, he experiences more than he could've imagined. 
Feedback: I'm a comment whore. Every time I read one, miniature fairies take handfuls of love from my heart and dispense them into yours.
Disclaimer:  I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
Warning: Grinding and language and coming and all that fun stuff 
Note: IT'S SUMMMERRR. IT'S SUMMMMEEERRRRR. Well it's been summer for a week but stfu, life has suddenly decided to let me have it. Anyway, I'm a little bitch for waiting months to post the second bit of this chapter and I'll be honest I don't really have much to say aside from the fact I just...haven't been in the mood BUT I'M IN THE MOOD FOREVER NOW. Big thanksies to [ profile] sheerpoetry and [ profile] lalalive23  for reading over this and being fabulous and threatening to wake me up with persistent texts if I fall asleep during certain parties.
"I think you’ll need to learn the beauty of lasting long if you want to play with me." )

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Title: Breathe In
Author: [ profile] sunshine_173 
Rating: G
Pairing: implied Belldom
Summary: Stream-of-conscious. Dom basically expressing how much he misses Matt etc etc
Feedback: I'm a comment whore. Every time I read one, miniature fairies take handfuls of love from my heart and dispense them into yours.
Disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
Warning: nada.
Note: I'm baaaaaack in businesssss :D :D :D :D I can't express how good it feels to post someone on LJ. I mean, omfgomfg. A short little 600 word drabble. Bunches of love to [ profile] millionstar  for being fab and reading over it. 

I was too blinded by your beauty to comprehend how much of a madness, a tempest, love is. )


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