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Hello lovelies!

welcome to my journal :
Well where do I start off...
My name is Laurel and I'm 17, though for the strangest reason everyone I know IRL and online tend to believe I'm older. C'est la vie. I'm a senior in the most depressing town in the central United States and I fucking hate it. I curse too much and I'm a bit of an asshole. Actually I'm downright bitchy but hey, I take it in stride. I have a questionable sense of humor and I heavily dislike children. People tell me I'm impatient, and guess what? It's the truth. I have a cynical outlook on life and not much really phases me. I'll talk to you if you talk to me, but chances are I won't make the first move. I might possibly definitely be a little wary at first, but once I warm up, I'm a happy motherfucker. Don't ever mess with my people. 

I am passionate about life, about living, about believing in yourself - because ultimately, your opinion is the only one that matters. Forget everyone else's, because they don't look at you in the mirror every morning. Music is what's gotten me through every hard patch I've had in my life, which I'll be straight up, there's been a lot. Art and writing are how I express myself and I can't imagine a life without them. I'd like to major in English. I love linguistics and new food and green tea and a good book. My favorites, by the way, are The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. They are bot fantastic. My Holy Trinity of Music consists of Maynard (featured above) of Tool/Puscifer/A Perfect Circle, Muse, and IAMX. They are, respectively, the Son, the Father, and the Holy Ghost. With that said, I'm not religious. Spiritual? Sometimes. Religious? Not really. Though I happily admit I am open minded to any belief. Anyway, I listen to all music except country. Why? Because I hate it. I dislike most rap unless it's not shit. I am a grammar Nazi.

My favorite color is red and the meaning of that color fits me p e r f e c t l y. I am very right-brained. I'm an Aquarius. I am an avid watcher of all things Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. I'm not much of a TV watcher actually. I just record stuff or find ways to download it. Weeee. Third Star is one of my all time favorite movies. Bill Nighy and Ralph Fiennes are my favorite actors, and I think Mathias Lauridsen and Jude Law are the most beautiful men in the world. Speaking of men, I like them. A lot. The male body - well the human body in general - is absolutely fascinating. 

I just realized how pathetically long this is and it was in this moment I realized I like to talk about myself LOL. 
You can find me on deviantart where I keep my drawings, twitter, tumblr, and the Book of Face, though I only add people I know so if you get to my warm side and aren't a serial killer I'll probably give it to you. 

Um, I don't really know what more to say. I'm almost embarrassed by how long this is. Excuse me while I giggle.
Oh, and have you ever been so angry you set fire to a police car with a trumpet?

Infinity - Prologue. Chapter 1. Chapter 2a. Chapter 2b. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter 10. Chapter 11. Chapter 12

Crimson & Clover Prologue. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4a. Chapter 4b

Adequacy of Addiction Preface. Chapter 1. Interlude I. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4

Forgive Me, Father (complete) Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. AO3.

For All the Lost Ones Part 1. Part 2
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