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title: Infinity
author: [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: PG-13
pairing: BellDom
summary: Matt is a piano protégé. Dom is a painter who excels passed many his age. They meet at a young age and strike up an instant friendship. From friends to lovers, this is their story, spanning over a course of over two decades
feedback: I wants it, my precious
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
warning: Language. Implied sexual relations
note Holy shit I'm so sorry it's been three months. I seriously am. I've had some issues with my desire to write and that's just a barrel of merrr but the positive thing is that I've regained my confidence in writing and will be focusing on Infinity until part 1 is finished. I'm just...really fucking happy I got my mojo back. And, just fyi, a special chapter is close. *twirls* Thanks to[ profile] lalalive23 for her support and cheerleadering and betaship and general bamfery. Also thanks to [ profile] flavoroftea for being there when I had my suddent bout of literary excitement in the middle of a car dealership. 

31 December, 1996
The soft tinkling of curious fingers pressing here and sliding there over the ivory of Matthew’s grand piano created a quiet duet with the gentle scratching of sharp lead against the grainy, white sheet of Dominic’s notebook. The two had been in Matthew’s music room since mid-morning, snacking on crisps and bottles of Coke they had smuggled into the room in fear his gran would see and cast a disapproving eye.
They’d chatted casually every now and again over random topics ranging from their shared desire for holiday break to never end to the note pattern in a song by some obscure musician Matthew had recently heard of, but for the most part remained silent, content to sit in each other’s company. 
It’d been a simple week for Dominic, consisting of nothing more than going outside once or twice or just laying around the house, occasionally deciding whether or not he felt like putting up with Tom and Morgan’s shenanigans or hanging out with the sanity that was Chris’ presence. Mostly he just stuck around Matthew. Rarely did they do anything more than sit as they were now, sometimes leaving whoever’s house they were at to walk around and maybe stop by the cinema. And Dominic was okay with that. In truth, he preferred the quiet afternoons spent listening to Matthew try his hand at a trick he’d learned, sometimes falling asleep leaning against the side of the piano as music invented itself around him. It was never boring. 
If he was honest with himself, he’d say he spent more time with Matthew than he did with his other friends, or his family even. He knew his mother loved that he had someone he was close to, but it still rubbed him the wrong way when Tom would playfully tease that he never saw him anymore. He didn’t have an answer for the fact there was just something about the small, demure boy that made him feel comfortable and at ease.
Dominic was so absorbed in his thoughts that he jumped at the sudden shout of his name, his eyes wide and flying up to meet a set of twin blue, a thin black eyebrow quirked curiously at him. He noticed fleetingly as Matthew stood to stretch that he had gotten taller. 
“Y’know I said your name like, three times, and that was after I tried talking to you.” Matthew frowned slightly, ruffling his hair before he scratched the back of his head.  
“Oh,” was Dominic’s ingenious response, the shortness of it not going unnoticed by his friend who snorted in answer. 
“You, uh, okay Dom?” Matthew sat back down on the piano bench, his back facing the keys and hands on his knees. 
Dominic jumped again at the use of his name and shook his head a little. “Wha- sorry, I zoned out for a bit.”
“You don’t say.”
The blonde rolled his eyes, glancing down at his notepad to see a light sketching of Matthew playing the piano, the outline of the body recognizable despite the back being faced towards him. He jerked his head back when it occurred to him he drew his friend and hurriedly flipped the notebook shut, embarrassment settling unfamiliarly in the pit of his stomach. He looked back up to see Matthew watching him bemusedly, a small crease between his eyebrows. 
“What were you saying?” 
If Matthew noticed the change in subject he didn’t say anything as he gave a small giggle and spun around, his fingers hovering over the keys. “I asked if you were ever going to get your lazy arse into entering some pieces into the art show next month.”
“Oh.” Dominic stifled a yawn as he moved to sit up. “Eh, I dunno. I still don’t think I want people seeing my stuff just yet. It makes me uncomfortable at the thought of strangers staring at my art.”
Matthew let out a soft noise at that, his head cocking to the side as he applied pressure to a chord. “Is it because you are uncomfortable with people looking at your paintings or because you’re scared of what they might see?” 
Dominic was silent for a second. “They’ll…just see paintings.” 
Matthew huffed, glancing over his shoulder at Dominic as if to say, you know that’s not what I’m talking about
“The professor who teaches my weekend art class said my ‘vision is exceptional and unique for one so young.’” Dominic mimicked his teacher talking, his voice going down in pitch and taking on a posh accent. Matthew snorted, both hands now involved in whatever he was creating. “I think Prevost talked to him. It’s something the fucker would do.” He muttered the last part to himself. 
few more moments passed before Matthew stopped, yawning as he cracked his knuckles. “Well, sorry to burst your bubble of talent, but I side with Prevost. Mrs. Blanchard wanted me to play with the school orchestra at their concert.” 
“Wasn’t that like two weeks ago?” 
“Why didn’t you do it?”
“Hate Greensleeves.” Matthew shrugged. “I told her if they thought of adding any Liszt I could spare some time.”
Dominic laughed loudly, his shoulders shaking as he stared in amazement at his friends. “It’s a wonder you still have her respect.”
“The gravity of my brilliance is too much to ignore. She has no choice but to accept that.” Matthew looked back at him, a grin stretched across his face. He stood from the bench and sidled away, moving to plop down onto the floor in front of Dominic. 
“You still wanna go to the New Year’s Eve block party tonight?” Dominic glanced up from under his eyelashes, sitting cross-legged and bending the corner of his notepad back and forth. 
Matthew shrugged again. “Why not? Might as well. Better than being stuck in here with your boring self.” Dominic snorted and punched him lightly in the shoulder. 
“Fair enough.”
“Is Morgan still on vacation?” Matthew rubbed his shoulder, faking pained faces. He darted a hand out and snagged Dominic’s pencil from his lap before flicking it at the blonde’s forehead.
“Ow! Twat.” Dominic smiled though, silently laughing as he stared down at the plain black moleskin cover. “Yeah, he is. Thankfully we’ll be left with the Beavis to his Butt-head instead of the dynamic duo together as one.” Matthew giggled, his fingers tapping a rhythm on his knee.

“Jade will be going. She wants me to meet her there.”
The tapping stilled for a moment before resuming at half-tempo. “I thought it was going to be us, Chris, and Tom.”
Dominic fiddled with the corner more before answering, trying to push back the awkward atmosphere that slowly started to descend upon them. He didn’t mean for their afternoon to be sullied. He didn’t really see why it would be, actually. “Well, yeah. I’m still hanging out with you guys, obviously. She might join halfway through, I dunno. If it’s a problem I don’t mind, I never called her back to tell her where I’d be.” Dominic felt himself flush and wondered briefly why.
There was a pause before Matthew spoke. “No, no. Nah, it’s fine, mate. I don’t think Tom or Chris will mind.” Another pause. “So you two are getting close, huh.”
Dominic smiled a small smile, his eyes downcast. “Yeah. I guess you can say we’ve been ‘together’,” he made quotation marks in the air with his hands, “for like, I think six months.” Matthew whistled lowly. “I like her.”
“Mmm.” He nodded, finally looking up and catching Dominic’s eyes. “That’s cool.” 
Dominic grinned at his friend’s blatant discomfort on the subject. “What about you, Bells? Any ladies catching your eye?” He had a slight tease to his voice and Matthew rolled his eyes in return. 
“You’re a mess, Dom.” 
That night
“If I knew it was gonna be this cold I would’ve stayed home, my god.” Chris muttered into his hands, earning a smack to the back of his head thanks to Tom. “Oi, you little cunt, what was that for?”
“Stop yer bitching, we’re about to pass into another year. Have some respect.”
“Respect for what? The time gods?” 
Dominic and Matthew shared a sideways look, both smiling as their friends continued their bickering. They’d been at the block party for a few hours, Dominic keeping to his promise of hanging out with the group instead of wandering off in search for his girlfriend. Jade had joined every now and again, though she was more reserved than Tom’s humor and was scared of Chris and his height so she never lingered too long. Dominic hoped that his friends didn’t mind; after all he did intend for it to be a guy’s only kind of deal. 
Only minutes until midnight, Jade sidled up beside Dominic, the sudden presence of warmth in his hand brining a half smile to his face as he glanced to his side and met her eyes. 
“Hi there,” she smiled at him, her head leaning against his shoulder as she gave a wave to Matthew and Chris who both noticed her at the same time. 
“Hello again. Can you believe it’s already about to be 1997?” Dominic stared up at the big tower that had a ball hanging from it, waiting to drop. They chatted for a few more moments, waiting for the countdown that would lead them into the New Year. 
Dominic pulled his coat tighter around his body, joining in when the crowd began to shout out 20! 19! 18!, his face breaking out in a grin when Matthew made a face at a group of people being overly exuberant. The countdown continued, the ball descending the tower, the crowd growing more and more excited at the upcoming fireworks display. 11! 10! 9!
Tom started cheering like the maniac he was, Chris, Matthew and Dominic all bursting out in laughter when he started to scream out the last few numbers, garnering a few worried looks from the surrounding people. At the shout of “one,” the sky exploded into color, fireworks going off as the cheers intensified. 
Suddenly Dominic had an armful of Jade. She slung her arms around his neck, planting a kiss on his lips and holding it there for a moment too short for Dominic to realize what happened and to reciprocate. 
She pulled away and smiled ruefully. “Happy New Year’s, Dom.” 
Dominic grinned. “Happy New Year’s, Jade.” He glanced up, his arms still wrapped around her, in time to see the back of Matthew’s head as he walked away. Dominic suppressed a frown, wondering where he was doing before Jade tugged slightly on his shirt. “Hmm?”
“My mum wanted me to go home after the ball dropped. Walk me home?”
Dominic bit his lip, pausing before he answered. Chris and Tom were otherwise involved, joking around and being themselves a few paces away. Matthew was nowhere to be seen, and while Dominic was slightly worried he knew he’d be fine. “Yeah, sure, let me find my mum and tell her.”
He walked around for a short time holding Jade’s hand as she followed behind, waving at people she knew and returning the New Year’s wishes. After a moment he found her, her back to him as she laughed along with the people she stood with.
“Hey, mum.” Dominic shouted over the noise, nudging her back until she turned around, an eyebrow raised and her cheeks flushed.

“I’m gonna walk Jade home and probably go home after, ‘kay?”
His mother gave Jade a sideways glance, nodding as she said she didn’t mind and to be careful. 
They turned away, walking towards the outskirts of the crowd. “I think your mum was tipsy.” Jade commented, clinging onto Dominic’s hand as they went. 
“Yeah, probably.” They were already on her street, a few houses away from hers. “Tonight was awesome.”
“Oh my god, I know. I love block parties. This is my first one in London, though.”
“Right, right. Better than Manchester, yeah?” Dominic laughed at her huff.
“Don’t mess with my hometown, mister. But it was definitely a worthy opponent.”
After a few more minutes they were walking up the driveway to her front door. 
“So…” She trailed off, a sudden excited glint appearing in her eyes. 
“Hmm?” Dominic, oblivious, quirked his head at the change in her demeanor, curious what she was about to say next.
“So, my parents are probably going to be gone all night. Would you like to come inside?” She bit her lip, her smile small, and it suddenly occurred to Dominic what she was suddenly so coy about. 
“I guess I can, yeah.”
She giggled at that, her head shaking as she turned to unlock the door with the key she pulled from her pocket. “Ever the eloquent speaker, Dom.” She pushed open the door to her house, flicking on a light switch and leading Dominic in without letting go of his hand. Dominic shut the door behind him, unsurprised when Jade bypassed the living room and went down a hallway to the right of the foyer. 
It was warm in her house, the scent of cinnamon and potpourri present everywhere, and Dominic filed away the location of the bathroom when they passed it. After a few steps they were at the end of the hallway, a white doorway with a poster of the Beatles on it, and Jade pushed it open, not bothering to flick the light switch on and instead opting for the small shade lamp at the side of the bed. Dominic had let go of her hand, watching as she sat at the edge of her bed and leaned back, a bubble of nervousness resting in his stomach. 
“I want you, Dom.”
2 January, 1997
“I hope you realize just how wrapped around her finger you are, Dommie.” 
“Morgan, shut the fuck up. I am not wrapped around anyone’s anything, metaphorical or not.” Dominic rolled his eyes at the blonde, throwing a pillow at him as he scooted back into the couch cushions in Chris’ game room. 
“Jesus, Dom, something get your panties in a bunch?” Matthew muttered, smirking when Dominic raised his hands in exasperation. 
“Nothing has changed, I’m perfectly fine. And for the love of everything, I don’t heed to her every request.” Dominic laughed shortly, faceplanting into the back of the couch. 
“Is that why you’re blushing?” Chris asked. “Yeah, definitely not changed.” His voice was deadpanned, earning a middle finger. 
“Wait. Wait. Dom.” Tom sat up suddenly from his place on the floor, his dark hair unruly and everywhere. 
“Oh, shit. His interest is piqued. I think the world is about to explode.” Chris put the back of his hand to his forehead, dramatically falling backwards across the arm of the couch. 
“Piss off.” Tom clambered up to sit next to Dominic who stared at him with wide eyes which widened further when he moved to kneel in front of him. 
“What…are you doing, Tom?”
Tom mimed sniffing the air around him. “Holy hell, I think- Oh my god you got laid, didn’t you!” 
Dominic choked on his next breath, staring in shock at his friend who fell back in laughter, his finger pointing at Dominic as the rest of the friends stared at them. 
“What?” Came Matthew’s quiet voice, his eyebrows raised halfway up his forehead.
“Seriously, what?” Morgan agreed, staring slack-jawed. “My…my baby experienced relations?”
“Oh my god…” Dominic buried his face into the pillow he now hugged. 
“Wait, mate, you actually did?” Tom quieted his laughter. “I was just fu- holy shit you actually slept with her? Congrats, Dommie, you’re a man!” Tom faux-cheered, laughing at Dominic’s discomfort. 
“Yes, okay, yes. Jesus. We had sex.”
“When? Tell us everything, all the gory details.” Tom stressed “all” into syllables it didn’t have. 
“New Year’s Eve. Well, right after midnight. She wanted me to walk her home and basically threw herself at me in her room.” 
Tom hugged him suddenly, ruffling his hair with words of congratulations. Dominic shoved him away, smiling to himself and slightly embarrassed. He glanced up and saw Matthew staring at his lap, fingering a loose thread on his shirt hem. He cocked his head a little, a small frown appearing. Matthew looked up, assumedly feeling the heat of his stare, and met his eyes. 
Once again, they were distant, and Dominic found himself filing that bit of information away for further contemplation

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