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title: Forgive Me, Father
author: [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: NC-17 
pairing: BellDom
summary: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” – Romans 3:23. Matthew is a celibate priest at a local church until the quiet day that Dominic strolls through the doors. 
feedback: I wants it, my precious. 
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
warning: The whole thing will be quite blasphemous so if that kind of stuff turns your willies off, then I don't think this is for you. This part specifically has language and "adult situations." 
note: WOW this is long overdue. I apologize for the wait; I've been dealing with some serious writer's block the last couple of months, but I have suddenly overcome it and it. is. fabulous. There is also music for this part, the song that inspired the whole thing in the first place. I'd say more but I'm waking up in a few hours and need to sleep like right the fuck now. Oh, this isn't beta'd and will more than likely have one or two or ten mistakes, so please forgive me <3 

Part 1
Part 2

Don’t be aroused by my confession

Unless you don’t give a good goddamn about redemption

Christ is comin’, and so am I

You would too if the sexy devil caught your eye


My pulse has been rising, my temples are pounding

The pressure is so overwhelming and building

So steady there, Freddy, I’m ready to blow

What is she, what is she, what is she waiting for?     


“It may be ungodly, but fuck, if it’s not more fun.”

Matthew shuddered when Dominic spoke, his voice rougher than before. The blonde pulled at Matthew’s hair, the priest’s head tilting backwards to avoid any pain, and automatically took advantage of the now-taut neck exposed to him. Matthew let out a strangled moan gasped when Dominic’s tongue suddenly licked upwards from the edge of his collar to the underside of his jaw. His body gave a small shiver when the air met the wet trail, heat pulsing throughout his body and his blood vibrating in his veins. Dominic nipped lightly at his chin, his mouth messily kissing a line back up to Matthew’s own before sucking the priest’s bottom lip between his teeth.  

Dominic moved his hands from where they were, cradling Matthew’s face in both his palms. He tilted his head and deepened the kiss, a low grown rising up from his throat and causing Matthew to sigh in return, his hips pressing down and pinning the smaller man against his seat. Matthew’s hands were motionless but rigid, double fists gripping tight the soft material of Dominic’s shirt. He let out a soft whine when the blonde traced the roof of his mouth, unconsciously bucking upwards. Dominic reciprocated, again pushing his hips into Matthew’s, a rhythm starting between their bodies. They moved together, Dominic further deepening the kiss, Matthew’s head tilted almost comically. The priest pulled down on Dominic’s shirt, his thoughts chaotic as he tried to grasp an idea of what was transpiring between him and the blonde. He chose to ignore the rational side of his brain, opting instead to embrace completely the feelings that were hammering into his body like a battering ram.

Matthew arched upwards at a particularly hard grind, his whole body feeling alight with the heat. His hands unconsciously left their place wrapped in Dominic’s shirt and grabbed at his hair, his collar, whatever he could find purchase on to yank them closer together. Dominic groaned in approval, his own hands pulling away from cradling Matthew’s face and dragged them to the smaller man’s chest. He curved his fingers, blunt nails digging into the material of Matthew’s garb, and trailed them to his sides. The priest’s breathing stuttered at the pressure and a quiet “oh” escaped his swollen lips when Dominic bowed his head and once again licked a straight line from the divot at the base of his throat upwards to the underside of his chin, gently nibbling at his jawline. He continued rotating his hips in a figure 8 fashion, Matthew’s body shivering when he blew a stream of cold air on the wet skin of his neck. The blonde nipped at his Adam’s apple before touching his lips to skin and sucking hard, his tongue lathing the spot as blood rushed to the surface.  Matthew squirmed at the sensation, a soft mewling sound coming from his as his eyes closed shut and his head fell back against the cold wall, leaving his throat open for Dominic as the blonde continued to kiss and lick and suck at him.

Tracing the sharp line of his jugular vein with his tongue, Dominic brought one hand up and placed it flat at the base of his throat, all but wrapping his hand around his neck. His fingers slipped under his collar, scratching slightly at his collarbone. He whispered roughly against Matthew’s skin, “Forgive me, Father…”, and ripped the white clerical collar out and away from Mathew’s shirt.

The priest gasped in disbelief, a noise of protest beginning to form, but before he could utter a single word, Dominic began to unbutton his top, his fingers flying and mouth following a downward path, the noise dying off into a quiet moan. Dominic kissed the hollow of his collarbones, his teeth scraping the skin of his chest. Shirt fully unbuttoned, Dominic leaned back, his erection straining against the hold of his jeans, his eyes dark and lidded. He lifted his hand and pressed flat against Matthew’s chest and, pressing hard, dragged it down, his nails scratching lightly. His thumb caught Matthew’s right nipple, eliciting a hiss, and Dominic’s eyes flickered up to meet the priest’s own.

The blue of his irises were nearly gone, pupils blown wide, his brow heavy as he looked up at Dominic from under his eyelashes. His mouth hung open and he unconsciously licked his lips, the blonde watching the motion with avid interest as his hand continued its path to his side. Once there, he placed his other hand on the opposite side, and Matthew gasped loudly at the sudden clutch and pull when Dominic’s hands wrapped themselves around his waist and pulled his body down to lay flat on the surface of the bench, Dominic automatically moving to sit on his hands and knees above him, blonde fringe falling down into his face as he stared back at Matthew’s wide eyes.

As Dominic leaned back down to recapture Matthew’s lips with a slower kiss, his weight off-balanced. Before he knew it, his right knee slipped off the edge of the bench, his body collapsing awkwardly atop Matthew before sliding sideways, dragging Matthew with him. He landed on his back with a harsh “fuck”, Matthew laying stunned on top of him before bursting out into nervous giggles, his body rolling off and onto the floor in the space beneath the pew.

Matthew turned his head to the side and continued to giggle, the high pitched sounds bringing a small smile to Dominic’s lips.

“I cannot fucking believe that just happened.” Dominic muttered to himself, bringing a hand up to rub at his face. “We’re not having sex on that fucking bench. For the love…” He trailed off, huffing and sitting up to push himself off the ground. Matthew quieted at the mention of sex, his mind automatically reminding him that yes, dear Matthew, the good young man isn’t rubbing himself up against you for his health, and that yes, sex entails probable discomfort from your end and it will also be against your vows.

Before he could dwell too long on the though, Dominic’s hand grabbed his and he pulled him out from under the pew until he as well was standing. Dominic didn’t let go, instead turning around and dragging Matthew with him as he walked towards the aisle.

“W-Where are you taking me?” Matthew asked, slightly out of breath as he stumbled to keep up with Dominic’s pace.

“I am not being cockblocked by a motherfucking church pew.” He said over his shoulder, Matthew’s eyes widening at the force in which he spoke with.

Matthew’s brain didn’t process the words until Dominic abruptly stopped and turned around, gripping two handfuls of his shirt as he pulled him against him, their mouths meeting in a sloppy kiss. Dominic resumed walking, slower now that he was going backwards, and the two of them stumbled difficultly out into the aisle between pews. While they shuffled, Dominic trailed a hand back down the priest’s stomach, scratching briefly at the coarse hair leading down from his navel, and began to work at undoing his belt buckle. Matthew’s throat grew tight at the sudden presence of his fingers, so close to where he needed relief and he began to find it increasingly difficult to breathe.

Almost immediately, Dominic pulled away, his face still close to Matthew’s and his eyes roaming over his features as he guided him backwards. “I want to fuck you. Can I? Do you want to feel me inside of you?” He whispered against his mouth, the words half-mumbled, and he groaned. “Oh god, you’ve never felt anything like it. Do you want me to suck you? I want to. I want you in my mouth.”

Matthew stared back at him in quiet shock, finding it hard to speak, and when Dominic pushed at him and his legs met the edge of the pulpit, he looked around in confusion, noticing they were behind the altar. Dominic pushed again and motioned for him to lay down, his back flat against the pulpit before he fully comprehended what was happening. After a few seconds, a light bulb dawned in his head and he opened his mouth to object, but Dominic was already in the process of tugging his shoes and trousers off, his body scooting forward slightly when the blonde tried to yank them out from under him.

Dominic straightened two fingers and pressed them against the base of Matthew’s cock through his boxers, pushing them up the line of his erection, letting out a simple “shhhh…” when Matthew shouted out at the sudden touch. Dominic hooked his fingers under the waistband, lifting them up and over and down, Matthew’s hips rising wordlessly as his breath quickened when the cold air met the heat of his erection.

Dominic stared silently, his eyes following invisible paths up and down Matthew’s nearly-naked body, his gaze lingering at the flushed skin of his groin. Matthew leaned up on his hands, his eyes meeting Dominic’s once again. The blonde bit his lip after a moment, and, without breaking eye contact, began to quickly undo the buttons of his own shirt, fingers hurrying downwards. Matthew looked away to watch his progress, hungrily taking in the sight of Dominic’s skin when he pushed the shirt off of his shoulders. Dominic’s body was lean like his own but more toned, dark blonde hair leading in a trail down to where his fingers were now working at the zip and pull of his jeans. In one quick movement, Dominic was throwing his jeans into a pile with his shirt and shoes, taking a step forward and immediately reaching out to grip a hand around Matthew’s erection.

The unexpected hold caused Matthew to cry out, his left arm buckling and forcing him to fall onto his elbows. His head thrown back, Matthew panted into the air and muttered unintelligibly as his hips unthinkingly bucked upwards into Dominic’s hand.

Dominic leaned forward, his cock brushing lightly against Matthew’s knee where he had it bent over the edge, and laughed silently before saying, “I’m going to take you right here, okay?” He punctuated each word with a soft squeeze of his fist, Matthew’s hips snapping up again as he nodded his immediate acquiescence. Dominic let go of him, bringing his hand up to his mouth, but changed his mind before he licked his palm, instead bring his hand to Matthew’s mouth. “Wet it,” he commanded, his body hovering over the priest’s.

Matthew’s eyebrow quirked before he silently obeyed, his tongue flat against Dominic’s palm. Dominic shallowly thrust against Matthew’s leg and, after a few moments, leaned back and once again wrapped his hand around Matthew, immediately starting a slow tug and pull.

“You’re uncut.” The blonde observed, snorting with amusement when Matthew struggled to nod. Soft, high moans were leaving the priest’s mouth, his jaw slack as his arms gave out from under him and he fell back with a quiet “ow” when his head hit the ground, his hips continuing to buck in time with Dominic’s hand. The blonde’s thumb swiped over his exposed head when the extra skin was pulled down and Matthew let out a loud whine, his breathing choppy. “You’re also getting close.”

“C-Close?” Matthew stuttered out, his eyes fighting to stay open.

“Yes, Father. Close. As in, close to coming.” When this garnered no response, Dominic closed his eyes in a quiet chuckle and stilled his hand, moving it to rub circles with his thumb on Matthew’s hipbone. “You don’t know what that means. Blowing your load? Getting your rocks off?”

Matthew groaned in frustration at the lack of contact. “Oh, you mean ejaculation,” he replied, deadpanned.

Dominic laughed outright at that, his hips stilling as well. “Yes, but I for one didn’t read that out of a dictionary and instead have experienced it firsthand.”

Matthew bumped him with his knee, his head lifting up in indignation. “It wasn’t a dictionary.” He frowned when that caused Dominic to laugh more, and quietly muttered, “It was Wikipedia.”

Dominic continued to laugh for another moment, a wide smile on his face as both his hands gripped Matthew from behind his knees and pulled up, motioning to bend them. “That’s cute. No, seriously. I’m not making fun of you; it’s endearing. It’s rare for me to come across innocence in this day-and-age.”

Before Matthew could reply, Dominic was crouching down, his face between Matthew’s legs as he pressed the tip of his tongue against Matthew’s entrance without warning or hesitation. The priest’s entire body jumped at the sudden touch, his hands flying around as they looked for something to hold onto, his voice cracking when he cried out. His back arched when Dominic pushed his tongue harder, breaking past the tight ring of muscle. The blonde wrapped one hand around Matthew’s left thigh and lifted the forefinger of the other, sucking on it briefly before replacing his tongue with the tip of his finger. Matthew panted, high-pitched moans coming from his lips with every stuttered breath, his hips starting to thrust upwards in search of release.

Dominic continued to pump his finger, stretching Matthew, and after he was sure he could take another, added a second finger, the hand holding onto his thigh moving to press down on his hips. After a couple of thrusts Dominic found what he was looking for, his fingers scissoring Matthew’s prostate and making the priest scream, his entire body positively thrumming around Dominic’s digits.

Oh my God, what was that!” Matthew shouted at Dominic, one of his hands grabbing hold of the blonde hair between his legs.

Dominic muttered against the smooth skin of his inner thigh, “You shouldn’t say the Lord’s name in vain, Father.” He trailed his mouth down, his tongue joining his fingers as they continued to fill Matthew. Dominic pressed down on Matthew’s hips once before removing his hand and sliding it down to wrap around his own neglected cock, pumping into his fist in time with his fingers and tongue. He added a third, Matthew squirming slightly at the stretch, but his discomfort disappeared when the blonde hit his prostate again. Matthew cried out again, his voice growing hoarse, and all-to-suddenly Dominic pulled out and away, Matthew shouting in protest.


“I can’t wait any longer. I need to be inside of you, I’m dying here.” Dominic was already walking towards his pile of clothes, reaching inside the back pocket of his jeans and pulling out a black leather wallet. He opened it, found a small foil package, and dropped it back onto his clothes. He ripped it open with his teeth, his eyes traveling over Matthew’s body, and pulled the condom out. “This might hurt a bit. I’ll be gentle, just breathe.”

Matthew was too overcome with the desire and need racing through him to give much thought about what Dominic just said, every whisper of doubt or question of morals long gone, replaced only with this absolute need to be complete.

Dominic situated himself between Matthew’s knees, grabbing him by the hips and pulling him to the edge, the pulpit at the perfect height. He bent down to spit on Matthew’s entrance, doing the same to his palm and he slicked himself up before he moved into position.

He pressed himself against Matthew, leaning down over his body, one hand at his waist and the other reaching up to wrap around the back of the priest’s head to pull him up into a kiss. In one slow movement, he pushed his cock into Matthew, the smaller man tensing up at the sudden pressure, his body not used to the intrusion. Matthew whined quietly into Dominic’s mouth, his eyes squeezed shut, and within seconds Dominic was pushed in to the hilt, his mouth dropped open, panting against Matthew’s neck. As soon as he was in, he was already pulling out and thrusting back in with more force than before, Matthew groaning when he hit his prostate on the third thrust.

Dominic started a rhythm, leaning back and holding onto Matthew by his hips, the priest moving with him after his body got acclimated to the feeling. Moans and hushed whimpers were falling from his lips, his eyes still squeezed shut. Dominic quickened his thrusts, his eyes closed too as he let his head fall back and became lost in the moment.

“You turned me on so hard that I’m already close, Jesus fucking Christ.” Dominic choked out, his hips twisting into Matthew. He wrapped an arm around his leg, pressing a sideways kiss onto his inner knee.

“Don’t…don’t sa-ay – oh please keep doing that – don’t say his name right n-now.”

Dominic snorted into his leg as he sped up, his hand leaving its place and moving to wrap around Matthew’s cock, pumping his fist in time with his thrusts. “Right. Well. Look at your Christ,” he said with a hard thrust, causing Matthew’s body to scoot up a couple inches and the man to shout, “look at your Christ and tell me,” another thrust, “if your denial is worth it.” He started pounding into Matthew, the priest silently crying out as his eyes stared up at the statue of Christ to his side. “Cos I don’t fuckin’ think it is. Much more fun, yeah?”

Dominic quickened his hand and after a moment Matthew’s body spasmed, his eyes slamming shut and yelled out loudly, incoherent words spilling out as he streaked white across his belly. Dominic kept pistoning into him, mindlessly thrusting until he, too, was coming. Thrust in deep, he held himself there as he rode out his orgasm, both of them panting.  

Several minutes passed before either of them spoke, Dominic pulling out and tying the condom before dropping it to the floor and climbed up onto the pulpit to lie down beside Matthew.

“You’re still wearing your shirt.” Dominic remarked, his head turned to the side as he continued to catch his breath.

“Fantastic observation.”

“I didn’t realize priests were sarcastic.”

Matthew raised his eyebrow in response. After a beat, he was suddenly nervous. “What…now?”

Dominic was silent for a moment before he spoke, the entirety of what just happened beginning to make its appearance in Matthew’s mind as he realized what he’d just done and where he did it. “Now…we clean you up.” His voice quieted some. “And you come home with me for some tea.” A slight ring of hope sounded in his voice, and Matthew stared back at him in mild shock.


“…You drink tea, yes? I have water. And coffee too. I just figured I should actually get to know you a little bit before I apologize for not going down on you.” Dominic gave a small smile, a slight hint of his own nervousness flashing across his features.

“You want to get to know me.” Matthew repeated, his eyes wide as he once more pushed aside his moral dilemmas.

“Last I checked I didn’t stutter.”

“Tea is good.”



“What’s your last name?” Dominic smiled wider, his eyes on the ceiling, and yawned.

“Bellamy. Yours?” Matthew arched an eyebrow at the question, watching the expressions play out on the blonde’s face.

“Howard. Nice to meet you Matthew Bellamy.”

“Nice to meet you too Dominic Howard.” 

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