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author:  [ profile] sunshine_173
rating:  G
pairing: Belldom
summary: One out of ten drabbles I will be posting daily failed at posting daily till Christmas day. 
feedback: I wants it, my precious.
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
warning : nothing
note: It's been more like 12 days of drabble but I didn't expect my family to actually spend so much time together for the holidays but whatever, it happens. Um, some phrases are in French. As much as I would love to learn that language, I know very little of it so I apologize verily if I got anything wrong. Translations are at the bottom in order of appearance. I also had fun with this drabble. I got bored so I decided to style it differently. It's 360 words. The 'paragraphs', if you will, go from 3 words to 49 to 73 to 3 to 52, and then in reverse (52 to 3 to 73 to 49 to 3.) So basically 180 words and then a mirrored 180. Idk I was bored LOL

Tu me manques.

I miss your scent; that captivating potpourri of rose petals and musk and pure, pure rain. I miss how, whenever you would walk by me or I would press a kiss into your ebony hair, the air you stirred would permeate my surroundings with the sweet perfume of you.

You. Tu. Tu, ma parfait un. I traveled half the world for you. I would always try for you. I would stop the rain for you. I would move mountains for you, with my bare hands and alone. If you so wished, I would change the universe. What a preposterous thing to suggest. But I would do it; change every molecule and the design of the whole Un/Known on your whim. Pour toi.

Je te désire.

I need you and crave you. I drip with desire for you. I long to once again sit before you in admiration as your frail, agile, delicate fingers traverse the keys of your great-grandmother’s typewriter, a cigarette between your lips and smoke curling abstractism around your face, a transparent halo for you.  

 I yearn to once again trace the curve of your cheekbones with my eyes as you lean against the windowsill. I wish to once again be your love song. Your amour. I wish for those moments when I would glance up to find you watching me. I need your eyes upon me.

Je te déteste.

I have to understand why you weren’t there when I woke, why the indention of your elegant body was still in our bed but your physical form was gone. Allé. I waited for you. I waited for you everywhere; in our home, in that café, on the trail beside the river that you walked when it was raining. You never appeared, in fact you disappeared. Disparu. How dare you leave me like that.

I despise you. I miss you. Oui, how could I not? You disgust me and yet you are the most beautiful creation I’ve known to exist. You used me and yet I am wide open waiting for you and craving you and needing you and yet you left me.

Tu me manques.


I miss you

You. You, my perfect one.

For you.

I want you.


I hate you.



I refuse to translate 'oui' because you should know it.

I miss you.

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