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author:  [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: NC-17
pairing: Belldom
summary: One out of ten drabbles I will be posting daily till Christmas day. 
feedback: I wants it, my precious.
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
warning : Language. Sexual relations. A tad bit rough, too, so if you aren't into that you might not like this.

“Oh god, fuck me, Dominic.” Matthew cried out as he was pushed against the cold brick of the back of the club he and his boyfriend had just come out of. Dominic responded by pressing the length of his body against the brunette, his cock already hard from the last hour of  basically full-on foreplay.

“Why do you think,” he grunted into Matthew’s ear as he began to grind into his bum, “it is always a good idea,” he wrapped an arm around Matthew’s torso and dragged his hand down the smaller man’s front, his fingers searching for his erection, “to fuck around with me in public,” having found what he wanted, he started to roughly palm the shape of the brunette’s cock against his trousers, making him buck into his hand, “when you know damn well…that I have no sense of self-control?”

“D-dunno. Does it actually matter?” Matthew let out a quiet whine when Dominic rolled his hips harder. “I’m not gonna apologize so ju-just fuck me, please.” Matthew’s left forearm was pressed horizontally against the wall above his head, his other hand reaching down to cover Dominic’s and squeeze. “Please, feel how hard I am. I want you so bad, I have all night, you know that. That’s why I flirted wit- oh fuck, Dominic your pants are so tight I can feel every inch of you.” Matthew groaned when he felt Dominic’s free hand grab hold of his hip and slip underneath his plain black t-shirt, short nails scratching in the skin of his abdomen.

“You are mine, Matthew.” He dug his nails hard, clawing at his stomach as if to try and bring him closer. “No one else’s. And if I have to do this every time you want to be a tease, I will.” Matthew cried out, his head nodding frantically, hair dark against his forehead as he began to sweat. Dominic shook off Matthew’s hand before moving to unbutton and unzip his trousers, a choked sound coming out of the blonde’s throat when he felt nothing else restricting his lover’s cock from his open hand. He let go of Matthew and pushed his trousers down and over his bum, letting them slide down his pale legs till they rested mid-calf. Dominic went to undo his own pants, looking his thumbs under the waistband of both his boxers and jeans and tugging them down.

Dominic leaned forward and grabbed Matthew’s arms, positioning them till they were both pressed above his head, his head hanging between his shoulders and harsh gasps coming from his lips as he wiggled his arse a little, the air no doubt cold against his heated skin. Dominic held his hand there, pressing Matthew’s into the wall, and spit into his other. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and tugged once, twice, before position his erection at his lover’s entrance, incoherent words falling from Matthew’s lips as he pushed back into the touch.

With a quick thrust, Dominic was inside of him. Matthew cried loudly, the sudden fullness mildly painful from lack of preparation, but he welcomed the sting. Dominic gave him a moment to adjust, his breath hot against the back of Matthew’s neck where he gave him a wet kiss before pressing his forehead against his shoulder blades and pulling almost entirely out. He grabbed his hip before thrusting back in, his body curved over Matthew’s as he set a fast, shallow rhythm.

Matthew’s back arched and his hips bucked, Dominic pressing his hands against the wall once before letting go of them and reaching down to wrap his now free hand around Matthew’s cock, the brunette hissing at the heat now sliding up and down his length. A filthy half-whine, half-moan escaped Matthew’s lips when Dominic tilted his hips up slightly and hit that spot deep inside of him, the coil of pressure at the base of his spine tightening as each thrust got harder and deeper until Matthew found his hands sliding up the wall from the simple force of Dominic’s thrusts. He bit back the pain of the brick against the sensitive flesh of his hands and concentrated on just how close he was to completion, the blonde’s grunts and gasps echoing in his ears.

“D-Dom I’m gonna come.” The moment he uttered the words, his lover quickened his pace impossibly, his hand tugging and twisting around his cock the way he loved it, and after a frenzied moment, he tipped over the edge, his body twitching as hot trails of come hit the brick in front of him. Dominic followed soon after, his shout muffled against Matthew’s back.

After a moment they’d caught their breath, Dominic pulling out and hurriedly pulling his pants into place lest someone chose that moment to walk by. Matthew bent to do the same, his knees shaking and his right palm burning from scraping against the wall.

Dominic looked up at Matthew after he’d composed himself enough, a post-orgasmic grin spreading across his face. “How was that for a New Year’s resolution?"

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