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author:  [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: G
pairing: Belldom
summary: One out of ten drabbles I will be posting daily till Christmas day. 
feedback: I wants it, my precious.
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden.
warning :  Nothing. 
notes: I got behind, I know. Shit happens. Well, sleep happens. And holiday stuff. And yeah. But I'm making them up!! 

I always knew you were beautiful, but Jesus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you as perfect and happy as you are right now, standing under the clearest December night I’ve ever seen and smiling as snowflakes hit your pale cheeks. Dozens of pine trees surrounded you as you walked about, to and fro, my very own angel upon earth.

Your eyes were so bright, the starry sky reflected in their azure depths and I was mesmerized by your simple brilliance. I felt my heart swell when you glanced at me and threw me a silly wink, a snowflake catching in your eyelashes and helping them frame eyes infinitely young.

The column of your neck as you tilted your head back and stuck your tongue out flat to catch whatever you could enticed me. It was one of my favorite parts of your body, always at a tie with your hipbones and those devilishly long fingers that would dance in the air as you spoke of the mundane and the insane.

You dragged those very fingers down the branch of the closest Christmas tree and brought them to your nose, inhaling the scent and softly smiling before looking up at me and whispering that it smelled like the wilderness and like freedom.

I was entranced by the elegant waltz of your movements, your body fluid despite being encased in an oversized coat. You still made it look sexy.

The ringing of your laugh when I tossed a snowball at you was seraphic, and for a moment I actually believed in God. Who else would’ve granted me the miracle of your existence and your love?

The snow began to fall harder and your ebony hair was covered in it after a moment, but you paid it no mind, completely at ease among the cold and the white. I began to shiver but I didn’t care because you were happy and lovely and it was enough for me. I would wait out here all night for you to choose the tree that would be perfect for our first Christmas together.

This would be a memory I would never forget. It was emblazoned in my mind, this image of you. Youthful, radiant, glorious. Shining with the light of a morning star and the fiery absolution of an archangel.

You almost seemed like one for a moment, the snow surrounding you appearing for a moment like ever-changing wings as you danced and swayed to the sound of your own song.

My smile widened further as you turned and ran to me, your arms out and ready for the embrace I was more than willing to give. You laughed, delighted, and dragged me to the tree farthest away. It was tall, full, and crooked. So very you that I couldn’t help the snort that came out of me, and you went to punch my arm but you were so happy and I knew, in that moment, I would love you and we would always be forever, for always. 

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