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author:  [ profile] sunshine_173
rating: NC-17
pairing: BellDom
summary: Explores the darker side of a relationship; What it means to be truly addicted to someone.
feedback: I wants it, my precious. 
disclaimer: I think if I owned Muse, you would know about it. They're a bit famous so I doubt it'd be something easily hidden. 
warning: Sex, language. 
note: FINALLY I know. Sorry I kept y'all waiting. This will probs be the last of AA for a month or two so... here this is. I'm posting this unbeta'd cos I wanted it to be up before I left for the rest of the day, so if there's anything that doesn't make sense or that I'd spelled wrong or whatever, just let me know and I'll edit it tonight.

Dominic stood panting before me, hips motionless but pressed hard into mine so that I could still feel the outline of his erection against my thigh, the weight of what he just said lingering in the labored breaths shared between us. My eyes traced over his features and I memorized the shape of the scar on his chin as I repeated his plea over and over in my head. I didn’t know why I hesitated for so long when I knew the moment our lips touched that we were headed down the path of totality. I felt like there was no turning back the moment he vocalized his want and so I went with it.

“Do your worst.”

His eyes flashed and I meant what I said. I would take whatever he had to offer me from this point on. I would take his destruction, his demolition.

That seemed to be enough for him and within seconds he was pressing his mouth against my throat, sucking hard at my skin and causing me to throw my head back with a broken cry. He began to treat me just the way I had treated him, his teeth scraping roughly along my jugular and his tongue curling and swirling patterns on my flesh. I gasped as he devoured my throat, my hands grabbing at his shoulders, at anything I could hold onto. I fisted a handful of his hair and yanked his head backwards the same moment he bit down to nibble and I felt a sharp sting as I slammed our mouths together. Our teeth clunked together and our kiss was messy and fast and I couldn’t find it in me to care about the prick of blood that I knew was now upon my skin.

I drew his bottom lip between my teeth and sucked on it before slipping my tongue into his mouth and resuming the dance that was interrupted only a handful of minutes before. He moaned and I swallowed it, the vibrations of that noise spreading through me and settling at my cock which was straining to escape my trousers. Dominic’s hands left their place at the back of my head and my right shoulder and went directly for my waist, where he circled his arms around my lower back and hoisted me up, my legs automatically wrapping around his hips. He hissed when our erections pressed into each other and I tightened my thighs till I was practically clinging to him as I pulled away from his mouth to catch my breath.

“Why are we still in the bathroom?” I gasped out quickly before he whined and closed his lips down over mine, his tongue tracing the outline of my teeth before he leaned back.

“You taste like music.” His eyes were black and his statement caught me off guard, my head cocking to the side without me even realizing it.

I guess he misjudged my weight because the moment he stepped away from the sink and was holding my full body, he crashed backwards into the wall and almost dropped me, his right hand grasping my bum and his left wrapped tightly around my body. I barked out a laugh and again tightened my legs, pressing our groins closer together once more. He emitted a groan at the sensation and licked his tongue along my bottom lip. I grazed the tip of mine against his as he swiped it across and I felt him smile against my mouth.

Suddenly we were moving and I felt a terribly sharp pain when he slammed me against the doorframe and thrust into my hips simultaneously. I threw my head back as I cried out and I cursed myself when I felt the impact of the frame hitting the back of my head. He muttered a half-hearted apology and scratched his teeth along my jawline. He began grinding into me, each roll pushing me harder into the wall but I ignored the pain and the knowledge that I would have a bruise covering the majority of my back come morning – or night, I didn’t know what time it was and I felt like everything was concurrently moving at both light-speed and slow-motion.

I felt the need inside of me continue to grow and I knew that if we kept at this I wouldn’t last. Dominic’s face was flushed and his lips were red from abuse, his eyes wild and entirely consumed in lust. I couldn’t see the gray of his iris anymore and I couldn’t bear to imagine what state I was in and if I was equally or substantially worse.

I bucked my hips hard against him making him gasp, and I took the opportunity to try and wiggle away from the wall. After a confused few seconds he grasped what I was attempting to do and he lifted me slightly, our chests now pressing against one another’s, and took a couple steps backwards. Stumbling slightly, I was again slammed into the closed door of his bedroom and I was surprised I had yet to become concussed.

Dominic began to laugh suddenly, his mouth almost upon my neck. “It seems I can’t stay away from this part of your body.” I could feel his breath coming in short, quick huffs against my skin, the feeling cold considering my neck was wet from a mixture of sweat and saliva, and I too snorted with quiet laughter. 

“Try harder, then.”

He grinned wickedly and I felt his hand leave my waist and search for what I assumed was the door handle. Within moments I heard the knob twist and the door disappeared from behind me. I had a brief feeling of weightlessness as I started to fall backwards without something solid to hold me from behind but just as quickly as it had left, Dominic’s hand was back and his arm was once again circling around my back. My heartbeat had restarted in double-time and I glared at him as he smirked at my panic in return.

I unwrapped my legs from his waist and dropped to the floor, my feet landing with a soft thud. I took a moment to glance around his bedroom and ignored his stare. I could feel his eyes burning holes across my body and I felt like I was being set on fire without even being touched.

The walls were the same color as the ones in the main part of his flat but the floors were concrete, stained with a black and white marble pattern and a large black rug covered most of it. He had a modern, queen-sized platform bed in the furthest corner and it took up most of the area. It was covered in a color that looked like a mixture of taupe and dark gray, and the pillows were cream and black. There was a large print of a painting on the wall behind the headboard and I recognized it immediately as one of Jackson Pollock’s untitled pieces.

On the wall opposite of me was a high-ceiling window, a black wooden bookshelf adjacent to it. I sensed Dominic behind me and I heard the flick of a switch, dim light turning on within a millisecond. I could see dust particles floating as a fan started to slowly spin. The room looked completely untouched aside from a handful of books sprawled across the floor in front of a dresser to my left, their papers bent and a few pages ripped out with messy, inked handwriting filling the margins.

I took a few steps forward until I was standing in the center of the room, my hand inches from the frame of the bed, and before I could turn around Dominic was already against me, the length of his body gently pressing into the back of mine. My breath stuttered when I felt his erection pushing against my bum, but before I could react he flipped me around and trapped me between the footboard and his body. A whine escaped me when our groins came in contact and I leaned forward, searching for his mouth. He met me half way and we began a deep kiss, his tongue massaging mine. The thrum of his heartbeat reverberated through me and it felt like his was beating in time with mine.

His tongue was slick against mine and I felt goosebumps rise upwards along my spine when he moaned into my mouth. He wedged a knee between my thighs and pressed his cock against my leg, his hips starting a slow roll and grind. In return I bucked against him, the wet spot that had been growing on my boxers double, probably triple in size now. I broke away from the kiss and panted, my head heavy with delirium, and he moved his mouth from mine to my jaw, sucking and nibbling a trail to my neck. A strangled sound came from my throat when he licked and blew cold air on a sensitive patch of skin behind my ear and close to my hairline.

“Dominic, I really think we should get on the bed now.” I whispered to him, my voice strained.

“Why?” He murmured against the skin of the underside of my jaw.

Fuck I thought you said you wanted to be i-inside of me.” I was finding it difficult to talk as he closed his mouth around my bobbing Adam’s apple.

“Oh, right. I almost forgot about that.” His voice was deeper than it was the last time he spoke and I felt him grin when I huffed impatiently.

He stepped away from me and immediately my body cried out for him, the loss of his heat something I never wanted to experience again. I watched intensely as his hands reached for the hem of his shirt and in one quick movement he pulled it up and over his head, revealing tanned and perfect skin. My mouth actually watered as I trailed my eyes over his torso, the line and definition of his muscles practically begging for my tongue to trace them. I lingered on the V his hipbones made and the line of dark hair that stretched between his navel and the snap and zip of his jeans.  I met his eyes and they had darkened impossibly, almost eerily, and he looked so debauched that I wanted to shout a chorus of hallelujahs.

The look he gave me told me it was my turn but I made no movement; I wanted him to be the one to undress me. He raised an eyebrow after a moment and I tried not to smirk before I turned and walked around the bed till I was at its side. I lifted one leg and placed my right knee on the mattress, pulling my weight up until I was on my hands and knees. I crawled forward and sat in the middle of the bed, the whole time trying to repress a smile at the feeling of his gaze on my arse.

I sat and leaned back onto my elbows, my legs crossed at the ankles, and raised both of my eyebrows at him in challenge. He coughed out a laugh and shook his head at me.

“You’re impossible.”

“You’re leaving me waiting and frankly I don’t like that.” I’d never been much of a tease in bed, flirting was always tough for me, but for the most peculiar reason I felt like I had the upper hand in this…whatever this was. Whatever this would be. I felt like every decision revolved around my acceptance and it was empowering, the sense of control I had coursing through my bloodstream. It dominated the lust and the desire I had for him but contradictory to how I felt, all I wanted that moment was for him to possess me, for me to submit to him.

“Take off your shirt.” It was demanding, but I still sensed a question behind it, as if he would be okay with me backing out right now.
As if I had a choice. There would be no returning; the puzzle piece was already set in place, the plot already rewritten. He was now part of my life just as much as I was part of his and honestly, it scared the shit out of me.

I didn’t reply to him and made no movement to unbutton the front of my shirt, and he sighed before grinning at the floor. He pulled himself up and over the footboard and I took that moment to admire his tendons straining and the outline of his erection as he landed on the mattress, bouncing a couple of time before he settled on his knees. I uncrossed my ankles and spread my legs, welcoming him, and he reached to untie my shoes and pull them off with my socks before he did the same with his. I laid there as he went ahead and unbuttoned his jeans, carefully unzipping them. He pushed them down his hips and my throat tightened at the unexpected sight of his cock standing tall. It occurred to me then that he goes commando. I stared at him with unrestrained animalistic want and he glanced shyly up at me from underneath his eyelashes. My eyes were trained on the flushed, pink head of his cock and I was suddenly hyperaware of just how well endowed he was.

I swallowed tightly when he shifted his weight and began to drag himself on all fours towards me. Once he was between my legs, my knees on either side of his hips, he reached almost hesitantly for the button of my trousers but the moment his fingertips touched the metal he seemed to regain his confidence and within moments he was waiting for me to lift my hips so he could pull them off of me. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of my boxers and they too slipped down and away, and I hissed when my erection met the cool air of his bedroom.

I found it difficult to repress even a small smile from spreading across my face when his stare remained fixated on me and I almost didn’t see his mouth moving as he whispered something too quiet for me to hear.

He caught my eye after a few moments and winked at me before further crawling up my body. He straddled my hips, our cocks brushing against each other causing him to emit a small grunt, and he reached for the bottom of my shirt where he began to unbutton it.

Within moments he was on top of my naked form, our legs entwined and our tongues once again fighting for dominance. Every time he ground into me and our erections slid together he would let out the filthiest moan. He swallowed every cry I made and let me claw my nails into the flesh of his side when the pressure became too much. After what felt like an eternity and I was begging for him to just please take me, he pulled away and sat back on his heels, his eyes raking down my body spread out before him.
When our eyes met, everything was said. I told him with a single glance that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, told him that I needed him in me, that I needed to feel him at the deepest level I could.

Silently he reached over me and his hand went for the drawer of the small bedside table but I stopped him. “Just spit, Dominic. I’m tired of waiting. Just spit on me.” His eyes widened and he slowly withdrew his hand, his Adam’s apple bobbing twice before he nodded and spit into his palm, his hand wrapping around his length. He stroked himself a few times and bent down, his head between my legs as I bent my knee. “Dominic you are slow.”

He snorted against my inner thigh and I felt electricity coming off of him in waves, and I jumped the moment his wet fingers touched my entrance. I was becoming impatient, my cock so hard that I felt I might die, but as soon as two of his digits were pushing inside of me, my head tossed back and my hips bucked up and forward.

He didn’t take long in preparing me but it felt like a lifetime before I felt the head of his cock pressing gently against my opening. He hovered above me, his lips brushing against mine and our eyes locked on each other.

I almost screamed when he thrust into me, his spit not doing much in terms of lubricant but I liked the rough feeling of his skin sliding against mine and disappearing past my barrier. It was almost as if my life flashed before my eyes when he filled me to the hilt, his cock fully inside of me as he stilled. His eyes were squeezed shut and small, quick gasps came out of his mouth. I realized I had been biting my bottom lip much harder than I had thought when I tasted blood and my hands grabbed desperately at his shoulders and hair. I let out a breathless whine when he didn’t move but I was partially thankful for that, my body taking its time to become accustomed to the feeling of someone inside of me.

When I was almost at the point of begging he pulled out almost completely, and just as quickly thrust back in. I shouted out, sweat pooling in the center of my chest, and glanced up to find his head tossed back and mouth open. One hand grasped my hip and the other rest to the left of my head, our bodies’ slick from perspiration and they slid together easily as he started a rhythm. I wasn’t fully used to him being in me and it hurt a little as he thrust, but I bit back the discomfort, the words falling out of my mouth jumbled and unintelligible. One of his hands had wrapped itself around my length and was tugging mercilessly, starburst patterns dancing behind my eyes.

I couldn’t contain myself when he took a particularly deep thrust, his hips angled in a way that he hit that place inside of me that made my vision go double and my mouth noiselessly open and close like a fish gasping for air. The sounds coming out of him now were high-pitched and keening, and I knew we both wouldn’t last any longer.

I don’t think I’d ever felt as complete as I did when I felt him, hot and pulsating, his seed exploding inside of me, his shout muffled as he clamped down tightly onto the taut skin of my neck. He dragged his nails down my abdomen and I willed them to scratch me, to scar me. I wanted him to transfer his pain, his scars. For a fleeting moment I wished I would bleed just to feel him asking for my soul. He had it and it scared me.

I felt that teasing tension reach boiling point and with the roughness of his calluses against my flesh, squeezing without hint of stopping, I came with a release that frightened me, jerking and twitching in his arms. He pulled out of me and collapsed at my side, both of ours chests heaving and I almost thought I’d gone blind from the force of my orgasm.

I sensed him watching me and I turned my head. My assumption was correct, his eyes dark and dilated and watching.

“I think I’m addicted to you.”

Date: 2011-12-19 11:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was wrong.
THIS is the most intense bit of writing ever.
Holy mother of god!
It is beautiful, and painful, and searingly hot and intense.
And I love it.

Date: 2011-12-20 07:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, my. Sexy and perfect and fuck, the descriptions were perfect.
And being addicted to someone is not a good thing... trust me /:

Love this <3

Date: 2011-12-21 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, that was intense...

Date: 2011-12-21 04:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OMG! That was naughty hot. I'm addicted too. Yep, count me in.

Date: 2011-12-21 07:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i agree with the others, this is intense.
i really want to see this story developing and find out more about dominic. he's such a dark and mysterious character. i'd like to know what goes on in that head of his.


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